InFlight Automatic Infeeds

The InFlight product line consists of four distinct models - FT, MB, BL, and AC - and are based on speed, efficiency and quality output needs. Our product line is based on lean manufacturing principles to help reduce your manufacturing lead time and improve the quality of your products - giving you an edge over the competition.

The InFlight FT is ideal for high-speed loading of products that cannot be backlogged or products that are sticky or fragile.

The InFlight MB feeder delivers continuous motion loading of product without backlogging. Multiple belts are used to space products into wrappers & cartoners.

The InFlight BL is an economical feeder that delivers precise, continuous motion loading of a single lane of backlogged product into the receiving flights of a horizontal wrapper or cartoner.

Watch a video of the InFlight AC (Autonomous Cart) feeder as it loads product into a horizontal wrapper.