Food Distribution & Loading Solutions, Product Conveyors & Orientation Systems

Benchmark designs and manufactures a complete line of automation equipment tailored to the unique challenges of food and bakery manufacturers. Our robust capabilities include slug loading, product stacking, row distribution, product orienting, automatic wrapper infeeds, vibratory distribution, robotic loading, and intermittent motion horizontal form fill and seal systems. Our products and devices allow our customers to take control of their production line efficiency.

Benchmark is dedicated to providing automated packaging solutions for unique product applications. Used in the baked goods, cheese, cookies, crackers, nutrition and energy bars, pizza, and wet wipes industries, the flexible packaging equipment from Benchmark features high speeds, sanitation standards, reliability.

From inlight automatic infeeders and custom automatic infeed systems to automatic cartoner infeed machines and food distribution systems along with slug loaders, tray loaders, conveying, and product orienting devices, the complete line of packaging automation solutions ensures that each product requirement is met with precision and efficiency.

Browse through these automatic packaging solutions to learn more about Benchmark packaging equipment.

Benchmark's InFlight line of automatic infeeds are designed to automate product loading into horizontal wrappers or cartoners.

Our custom automatic infeeds are designed to meet your specific product specifications while providing superior performance, reliability and increased productivity.

Designed to handle product backlogged or not, our automatic cartoner infeeds are the perfect packaging solution.

Learn about our comprehensive turnkey distribution systems for baked goods, bars, cookies, crackers, and frozen foods.

Offers automatic slug loading of thin, consistent shaped products

Automatic tray loaders provide versatile, reliable tray loading solutions for various tray sizes, ensuring efficient, high-speed operations across industries.

Discover Benchmark's orienting devices for accurate product positioning within your line.

Find a variety of belt and chain conveyor options including vibratory, inverting, and ergonomical stepped packing table conveyors.