Custom Automatic Infeeds & Feeders

Designed to your specific product requirements, Benchmark's custom automatic infeeds will improve your product line accuracy while reducing labor costs by eliminating the need for manual machinery adaptations. Our custom infeeds offer accurate indexing of your product into the shrink wrapper or other packaging applications.

Custom automatic infeed systems and feeders:

  • Automatically load Flat Products
  • Automatically Place Cut Cards
  • Continuous High Speed Collation
  • Automatically Load Rigid Products
  • Automatically Load Round Products
  • Load Stacks of Products Horizontally

Find the custom automation solution that’s right for your product requires and contact Benchmark with any questions.

Delivers automatic loading of flat, even product for precise, continuous motion loading of vertically stacked product.

Offers automatic placement of cut cards from roll stock for efficient operation.

Allows for product to be supplied continuously while being discharged intermittently for high-speed collation.

Provides automatic loading of rigid products with consistent thickness for increased efficiencies.

Benchmark's Star Wheel offers automatic loading of round products with defined edges.

Perfect for loading stacks of product into horizontal wrappers at high speeds (up to 500 ppm).