InFlight Automatic Infeeds

The InFlight product line consists of three distinct models - FT, MB and BL - and are based on speed, efficiency and quality output needs.  Our product line is based on lean manufacturing principles to help reduce your manufacturing lead time and improve the quality of your products - giving you an edge over the competition.

The InFlight FT is ideal for high-speed loading of products that cannot be backlogged or products that are sticky or fragile. The Inflight MB is also equipped to handle moderate speed loading of products that cannot be backlogged. And, the InFlight BL is used for high-speed loading of products that can be backlogged.   

Each loader offers quick changeovers, intuitive operation and easy maintenance design. Changeovers for most products can be completed in five minutes or less without the use of tools. Operators simply select a new menu item from the touchscreen and manually adjust the side guides to accommodate the new product width. The touchscreen operator interface is designed to minimize training for operators, mechanics and sanitation personnel. It includes comprehensive machine diagnostics to immediately alert operators to any faulty conditions in order to minimize downtime. The InFlight series of loaders are uniquely engineered to meet the strictest sanitation regulations and feature easy sanitation maintenance.

Benchmark also provides both shuttle and disk feeder options to complement our product feeder equipment offerings.