InFlight AC (Autonomous Cart) Feeder for Fragile & Irregularly-Shaped Products

The InFlight AC is similar to our current InFlight FT in that it receives product at the infeed end, discharges it in time to the packaging machine, and allows the product flow to drive the operation of the packaging machine.

Autonomous carts receive a single lane of randomly spaced product and time it to the flights of a horizontal wrapper, cartoner, or other packaging machine at speeds up to 500 ppm.

Instead of travelling on a conveyor belt like other automatic infeeds, each product is received individually on a cart. This provides a tremendous advantage with regard to sanitation. The removable carts make cleaning a snap. Carts queue on the underside of the system and move to the top to receive each product on a one-to-one basis. Product can be loaded into a single cart, or for longer products a group of electronically geared carts, to handle a wide variety of product sizes. After receiving the product, the cart travels to the discharge end of the feeder where it queues with other products for delivery into the packaging machine in time with the flight chain. This cantilevered cart system eliminates 4 to 5 belts, making it much easier to clean.