Food Distribution Conveyor Solutions

Benchmark is committed to quality food distribution conveyor solutions. Our system implementations are designed for the baked goods, bars, cookies, crackers, and frozen food industries. Our distribution system design expertise is built on our extensive food industry experience with a concentration in the cookie and cracker industries.

Features on the distribution systems are designed for safety and innovation, including:

  • Versatility using lanes, spreaders, dump, and breaker conveyors
  • Automated solutions for row removal in product transfers
  • Advanced technology for merging, diverging, and distributing products

With any inquiries and to learn more about the distribution systems, contact Benchmark today.

Watch a video of a cracker distribution system as cracker lanes, spreaders, dump and breaker conveyors move crackers from the ovens to the packaging equipment.

Watch video footage of automated row removal systems as they transfer product from oven to packaging areas using belt and transpositor conveyors and wrapper infeeds.

Watch videos of vibratory conveyers used for merging, diverging and distributing sandwich cookes and cracker products.