Wet Wipes

Automated Infeed & Conveying Solutions for Wet Wipes

As an industry leader in automatic infeed systems, Benchmark delivers the highest quality equipment for the personal care wipes industry. When packaging wet wipe products, it’s critical to control product flow and optimize product output while maintaining the integrity of the product in preparation for wrapping.

Benchmark offers effective and dependable systems to increase production speeds and ensure your wet wipe products are packaged to meet the maximum in sanitation standards. From unpackaged stacks of wet wipes, Benchmark understands the importance of gentle product handling of your delicate products. Our InFlight FT™ loader is designed with automatic start, stop and speed controls based on product flow. This feature ensures controlled timing for products that need to run in a non-contact manner. With Benchmark’s Inflight FT™, wet wipe manufacturers have a highly-efficient solution to achieving high-performance packaging.

Other Benchmark applications for handling wrapped packages of wet wipes include laning conveyors, product merging and diverging. Benchmark’s laning conveyor receives multiple lanes of product and, in turn, automatically merges them into one or more lanes. This allows for automatic loading of your wrapped wet wipe products both in a quick and simple manner while eliminating the need for manual laning. The laning conveyor consists of a belt or plastic chain conveyor also equipped with adjustable static plows or powered side belts to accommodate your specific needs. The laning conveyor is also available for wipe-down or wash-down applications. Our merger and diverger devices are available in either servo or pneumatic-controlled options to automatically merge two lanes of product into a single lane or divide a single lane into two or more lanes.

Benchmark also offers belt and mat top chain conveyors for handling of your unwrapped or wrapped packages of personal care products. Our belt and mat top chain conveyors can accommodate a wide array of applications for handling your products. These conveyors also offer flexibility and can easily integrate into your current production line.