Gentle Automated Pizza Handling Solutions

For pizza manufacturers, keeping up with the demand for this popular consumer product can be challenging. Benchmark understands the needs for high throughput, as well as how challenging the packaging of frozen pizzas can be. Careful product handling to preserve the quality of the product is critical.

Preserve your pizza quality with automatic infeeds, conveyors and more from Benchmark. Our line of InFlight automatic infeeds are designed to accept a single lane of randomly spaced product from a conveyor and automatically times pizzas and/or pizzas in trays into horizontal wrappers at speeds up to 300 ppm. The non-contact accumulation helps to keep the product from shingling during the packaging process – eliminating the risk of product toppings from shifting during the wrapping process. This also helps to reduce the opportunity for any loose toppings contaminating the wrapping seal once fed into the horizontal wrapper.

Benchmark’s card sheeter works in combination with other packaging equipment and transfers the cut cardboard card directly into the flights of the horizontal wrapper – creating the desired package for your pizza products.