When it comes to handling cracker products, Benchmark offers efficient, fully-automated packaging solutions designed specifically for the cracker industry. As a cracker manufacturer, it’s important that your cracker products reach consumers in the freshest condition possible. Benchmark’s state-of-the art food distribution and loading systems can gently handle your cracker products while increasing packaging speeds – increasing your productivity.

Designed to handle various shapes, sizes and large volumes to drive profitability, our conveyors transport the product through the automated system for accumulation, single rowing, indexing, stacking and more. Also, Benchmark’s automatic and custom infeeds offer gentle product handling throughout the collating process – attaining superior protection of the most delicate products while maintaining product control and continuous product flow.

Through our vibratory distribution applications, the product can be buffered and rotated for proper positioning of the crackers in preparation for slug loading. Based on product requirements, the feeder then portions the crackers into slugs and loads them into a horizontal wrapper or cartoner for case loading.

At Benchmark, we’re committed to providing the best long-term solution and return on your investment for your cracker line.