Fully-Automated Packaging Solutions for Cookie Products

Benchmark offers an array of fully-automated solutions designed especially for the gentle product handling of your cookie products. From our line of InFlight Automatic and custom infeeds to our cartoner infeeds and tray loaders, Benchmark has a solution to maximize your cookie line production performance.

We understand both the challenges and demands facing the cookie industry. Delivering packaging solutions for wire-cut to sandwich cookies, Benchmark’s cutting-edge systems provide gentle, non-contact accumulation in a fast and efficient production manner while maintaining premium product quality. Our Inflight FT loader allows for randomly spaced products to move through the system with a floating nose carrier receiving the product upstream, placing products in a consistent arrangement with consistent gaps.

From the oven, our ergonomically-designed, turnkey distribution systems can assist with precise distribution of rows into packaging equipment and more. Benchmark distribution systems can be custom designed with a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements. Key components suitable for cookie lines include spreader conveyors, channeling boards, breakers, laning conveyors, vibratory accumulation, full-line dump conveyors, row removal systems and stepped packing tables.

Benchmark’s automatic tray loaders are ideal for precise, high-speed loading of trays without the hassle of time-consuming changeovers. This can help increase your line’s speed through the continuous loading of cookies from the output into a variety of tray sizes with a throughput based on your product specifications. Our tray loaders have the ability to load round, rectangular or square products. Servo-control allows for slug length changes to be made using the machine’s HMI and without any changeover parts or replacing of the overhead chain assemblies.

Our product mergers provide the ability to merge lanes of randomly spaced cookie products into one single lane without collision. For lane multiplication within your line, our divergers can distribute your products from a single lane to multiple lanes.