Automatic Tray Loading Equipment

Benchmark's tray loading equipment offers versatility, reliability and ease of operations for gentle product handling with high-speed tray loading. Adjustments for different product and tray sizes can be made easily. Automation machinery is designed to create maximum efficiency in production. Benchmark offers a wide range of systems to meet unique product requirements.

The automatic tray loading equipment includes:

  • Cracker Placer & Tray Loader – Cracker Orienting Slug Loader System
  • 2-Lane or 4-Lane Sandwich Cookie & Cracker Distribution System

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Watch video footage of the Cracker Placer Tray Loader in action as it receives hand loaded card stock, cuts it to a specified length, and transfers it to a horizontal wrapper.

Watch a video of an automatic Sandwich Cookie Tray Slug Loader as it loads slugs into trays simplifying changeovers for slug lengths.