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Southern Packaging PowerPouch Machine Options

High-Speed Funnel Conveyor

The High-Speed Funnel Conveyor option offers the same reliability, ease-of-use, and flexibility as the standard PowerPouch® model with increased output capability.

Southern Packaging's High-Speed Funnel Conveyor is ideal for a wide range of free flowing products, including powders, granules, and particulates. This option includes a funnel conveyor and top and side seal preheat mechanisms to increase production up to 50% over the standard PowerPouch® model.

The High-Speed Funnel Conveyor is the answer for those applications that require higher production output, or that can be filled through a funnel more efficiently than directly into the pouch. This system eliminates the need for vacuum openers and replaces them with a more positive filling system, capable of running at higher speeds.


The PowerPouch IM packager can be equipped with the tandem feature, which allows for faster production speeds by forming and filling two pouches per machine cycle, virtually doubling the machine output. The tandem pouches are cut into individual packages or can be perforated to provide a single, dual chambered pouch for complimentary products such as shampoo and conditioner. Machines can also be offered in a 3-up or 4-up format depending on the desired application.

A tandem cutoff knife can be provided as part of the vacuum pick-off assembly to separate the tandem pouches into individual packages. As an alternative, an off-line slitter can be used to separate or perforate the pouches after discharge from the IM packager.

Right or Left Hand

The PowerPouch can be manufactured in either a Right-Hand or Left-Hand construction for different layout needs. Pouches on a Right Hand machine are formed on the left side of the machine, relative to the operator, and finished sealed pouches are discharged from the right side of the machine. The Left Hand orientation is the opposite, with pouches formed on the right side and discharged on the left.

Pitch and Machine Length

Machines can be built with different pitch lengths for different width products and with a different number of stations based on the number of fillers or machine features required. The following table lists the standard machine pitch and length combinations, but other custom combinations are also available.

Machine Pitch Number of Stations Average Approximate Machine Length
(from web arms to pickoff, including guarding)
7" 14 234" (19'-6")
7" 16 248" (20'-8")
9" 12 248" (20'-8")
9" 14 266" (22'-2")

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Request more info about this product